Hi my name is Luca, and this is my story.
I'm one of the many Italian residents abroad who maintains a strong connection with his origins. I was born in Rome, where my love of hairstyling began. My decision to live in London was born of a dream to become one of the best hairstylists in the film industry.  My gift for hairstyling came from my childhood... 
As a child I loved playing in my grandmother's hair salon, where my father also used to work. The hair salon was the family business, growing up around it was a true privilege and I learned an enormous amount over the years. I started my
fully fledged career as a hairstylist at the age of 17 in central Rome where I
learned to independently appreciate this extraordinary art, which is full of imagination and creativity. 
After two years I moved to London to work at Tony and Guy, where after leaving the academy with top score, I quickly rose to the position of Style Director in the Marylebone branch (London), before moving onto the fashion world. After three years spent in London I went back to Italy to pursue a career in the film industry. The film industry always attracted me, as it is a fascinating world. I find it particularly interesting how historical events can be brought to life as fantasy worlds are into reality which creates tangible experiences for its audience. 
I am currently based in London, where I aim to create a legacy that will remain in the film industries history. Although there will be many obstacles, with strength, devotion and a profound belief in innovation, I strive to make my dream a reality.
Hairstalist Salons

Hairstylist, Afro salon, Shoreditch, 
  London (2009-2010)

Style Director, Tony & Guy, Marylebone, 
  London (2002-2004)

Photo shoot and fashion show, Tony & Guy Academy, London (2001-2004)

- Hair stylist, Wella salon, Rome (1997-2001)
One name, many styles.
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